Add Lasting Value to your Subdivision

Owner and founder of Outdoor Message Center explains what makes our ALL aluminum bulletin boards so special.  

Aluminum Message Centers have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their classy look
and their rust resistance. These are often placed at the exit of the subdivision to alert homeowners to
swim meets, annual dues, board meetings, graduates, and holiday greetings. Older designs made out of
wood require maintenance almost every year or else they will rot – eventually this is a losing battle. The
last thing a Homeowner Association wants to do is to invest in a Message Center, for typical placement
at the exit to the subdivision, that requires frequent maintenance or full replacement after just a few
years. A message center with aluminum posts and backer and lockable enclosure can endure many,
many, years of use in harsh outdoor environments. The powder coating paint process is so good that
after even 15 years of use there are no issues with the paint. Although certain items like plastic letters
or letterboard may need to be replaced, the investment is very long term.

Many outdoor message centers may have a structure made out of plastic/vinyl materials and actually
look like ones found in state parks. This “rustic” or “earthy” looks is not the classy “look” desired by
most neighborhoods who may have already invested in aluminum mailboxes or street signs. A more
upscale Message Center like provided by Outdoor Message Center is made out of all aluminum parts.
There are also many options such as lettered Top and Bottom panels and LED lighting.


  • Holiday Greetings
  • HOA Announcements/Reminders
  • Swim Team or Club House Events
  • Neighborhood Parties

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