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Reach the Right Audience With an Outdoor Message Center

At Outdoor Message Center, your ability to communicate your important messages in the most professional and effective way possible is our highest priority. With high quality message boards that can withstand the elements year-round, our outdoor message bulletin boards make for a tried and true way to reach the people who matter to your organization – whether it be a business, homeowner association (HOA), non-profit, church, or community outreach center. Sealed off in shatter-resistant acrylic, your message will remain clean and undisturbed for as long as it’s up.

Traditional Yet Effective: Outdoor Signage That Actually Works

There is no debating that outdoor message boards are an essential tool for getting your message out there. While traditional in many respects, they remain highly effective if not even more effective in many regards than many current methods for reaching an audience with an important communication. Unlike more intangible forms of marketing, advertising, or simply sharing information via the web or through radio or television, outdoor message boards are sure to be seen by all those passing by. Their physical presence and bold appearance complimented by a professional finishing make them nearly impossible to ignore.

High Quality and Built to Last

Our top-of-the-line Outdoor Bulletin Boards / Outdoor Message Boards have the following outstanding features:

  • 30″ x 36″ enclosed locking case in bronze color
  • Overall size approximate 5 1/2′ to 6′ height, approximate 37″ width
  • Piano hinged shatter-resistant acrylic locking door
  • Vinyl self-healing tackboard
  • Black powder-coated aluminum posts, finials and cross arm supports
  • Moisture vent holes, rubber gasket

Additional optional features for Outdoor Message Centers include the following:

  • Letterboard Insert option for our Outdoor Display Boards (includes pack of 1 1/2″ letters)
  • Add Website or other Lettering on Top Arched Panel and/or Bottom (white vinyl, extended backer) to Outdoor Message Board.
  • Outdoor Bulletin Board comes standard with caramel color Tackboard. The standard background for the letterboard is black. Custom colors are available.
  • Optional extended length posts (for pedestrian walk-up viewing)
  • Removal and installation services are available in the greater Atlanta area for all message centers
  • For customers outside Atlanta, we ship units nationwide with easy to install instructions.

Homeowner Associations (HOAs), Businesses, and Others See Huge Benefits With Outdoor Message Boards

Our Outdoor Bulletin Boards exhibit important information for your community members, those whose are a part of your organization, or simply motorist or pedestrians who you want to advertise to or share a message with. Outdoor bulletin boards come with a natural colored tackable vinyl bulletin board and weather resistant backing for outdoor use. With a specially engineered aluminum frame, there is no need for painting or dealing with deteriorating wood or other materials. Display your municipality, homeowner association, church, business, non-profit or other messages in our community message boards with the confidence that they will be kept safe, communicate clearly, and retain an attractive appearance at all times.

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