Outdoor Bulletin Board Store

Affordable, no-maintenance, all-aluminum Outdoor Message Center alternative to handmade wood or unsightly vinyl boards

Outdoor Message Center offers the following features with its boards:

  • 30” x 36” enclosed, locking tackboard or letterboard case in bronze color
  • Vinyl self healing tackboard*
  • Overall approx. size: 5½’ – 6’ H x 37” W
  • Piano-hinged shatter-resistant acrylic locking door
  • Black powder coated aluminum 3” posts, finials, and cross arm supports
  • Powder coated aluminum backing with weather overhang
  • Moisture vent holes, rubber gasket

*Note: Since corkboards and white boards are not suitable for permanent outdoor use, a durable self-healing vinyl tackboard is offered (standard caramel color unless other is chosen below) or choose an optional letterboard insert.

1. Choose product based on viewing requirements below

Our standard posts are 7’ with typically about 2’ of that cemented into the ground. This viewing is ideal for vehicle traffic. However, we recommend our extended length (8.5’) posts for pedestrian walk-up viewing so people do not need to stoop over and to allow clearance from the weather overhang. Note: surface mount option is available for mounting on concrete.

2. Then choose your options for product selection

  • Panels for Website or Community Name* – ‘No Panels’ is default
    Top Arched Panel, Bottom Panel or Both – these optional panels are custom lettered with the name of your community or web site. Border or Graphic filigree in arch is extra. *You can specify panel wording or other instructions in the next step after “add to cart”. You will be provided a proof before any panels are produced.
  • Letterboard Insert for white letters or Custom Tackboard Color – Standard tackboard is caramel color – No Letterboard
    A black vinyl grooved board inserts into the enclosure. The grooves hold white vinyl letters (1½″ kit provided as standard) for displaying easy messages. The ¼” grooves can accommodate other sized letters. The caramel tackboard sits behind the insert and is only seen when the letterboard insert is removed.

Standard posts – for vehicle traffic viewing.

Price: $1,550.00

Extended Length 8.5 ft posts + $150 – for pedestrian walk-up viewing.

Price: $1,700.00

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