Uses for Your Message Board

When establishing your business, investing in the correct tools is important to benefit your company and your customers. Which businesses need an outdoor message board? All of them!

Community Announcements: If your business is along the lines of a church or community center, it is a great way to serve as a marquee of the daily service or any upcoming events.

Outdoor Protection: If your business is located predominantly outdoor, then a great way to protect your materials (whether it be the small letters or any flyers and posters) from the elements.

Appealing Marketing: Many businesses have received traffic from witty or smart phrases / quotes on their outdoor marquee. Drive your business with your words!

With these benefits, how can you go wrong with Outdoor Message Center?

Get the Community Together



When was the last time your community gathered together and enjoyed each other’s company?

One of the biggest problems about having a community get-together is letting everyone know about the event beforehand, so they can plan to attend. That can be a daunting task in any town.

By displaying your messages on our Outdoor Bulletin Boards, the work is being done for you. No matter if it’s sunny or rainy, if someone walks past your message board they will be informed. So order an Outdoor Bulletin Board, and start bring your community together.

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Welcome to Outdoor Message Center’s Blog!



Share Your Message with the World!

Outdoor Message Center is a message display service that communicates on your behalf. Community displays are needed for message boards at homeowners associations, municipalities, churches, schools, and more. Choose from hinged outdoor boards, bulletin boards, aluminum frames, acrylic case boards and more.

Spread your message on a variety of boards from Outdoor Message Center. On our blog, we will discuss product news, history, information, feedback, and inspiration. We would love to hear from our consumers and create conversations about their experience.

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News Blog — Keep it Simple!


With spring coming quickly,  you should think about your outdoor bulletin board and the information about activities you want to convey to the community.  Maybe your church, neighborhood, or community center already uses an outdoor bulletin board and you want to let families know about upcoming events. Whatever it may be, you need to make sure that above all, your bulletin board is easy to read.

With our product, there are two approaches:

1. If you use a standard tackboard to post notices (use normal pushpins, on our weather resistant self healing vinyl board), try to enlist the help of a school teacher in your neighborhood who knows how to make a board clean (not cluttered) and readable with big cutout letters and notices.

2. If you use a letterboard insert (ours comes optional and usually just sits inside the enclosure having slotted grooves to hold white letters), then you should only put up the most important information such as the date and time of an event.

Either way, KEEP IT SIMPLE and resist the temptation to put all the information on the board.  That is why we offer a top or bottom panel for displaying your web site.  People are often in their cars when they drive by the outdoor display board so don’t expect them to stop and read an essay!

So prepare for the coming warm months. Make sure your bulletin board is easy to read!